Landscape photography by Ian McGregor

Sunrise and Sunset Photography

Dawn, Dusk, Morning, Twilight, Golden Hour

Who doesn't love the golden light of the refracted rays of the sun at the edge of daylight? There is something surreal about the orange light and long shadows at this time of day.

Sunrise/Sunset Photography

Spring/Summer Photography

Spring and Summer Landscapes

The snow is melting and the flowers bloom. The summer heat brings storms and amazing skies. Farms spring up bringing texture and color to the land. The lakes and parks come to life with people and wildlife. Everything is a alive once more.


Autumn/Fall Photography

Trees, Leaves, Colors

A favorite season for many, where a variety of color explodes in the foliage. The shadows start to lengthen while the days begin to give up daylight hours.


Winter Photography

Snow, Frost, Ice

There is nothing quite like the beauty of a frost laden tree or untouched snow. Winter can also be extreme, with sub zero temperatures and white-out conditions. The shorter days offer up some beauty which is unique to the season, I hope you enjoy my winter photography as much as I enjoyed seeing the frozen landscapes before me.

Winter Photography