Lakeridge Park

by Ian McGregor

Many photographers travel to distant locations to capture popular landmarks, exotic wildlife or simply to photograph something they don’t get to see very often. For some, they are lucky enough to live in locations where these landmarks and animals are just down the road; but for most of us this is not the case.

Misty Trees - Ian McGregor Photography
Misty Trees

I believe that you are no less fortunate however than those camera-bearing jetsetters. Simply look a little closer next time you are out and about in your neighborhood. Look at the people, events, culture, architecture and nature that is nearby. You may have overlooked what might be mundane to you, but “exotic” to someone who lives in a different climate or geography.

Mallard Touchdown - Ian McGregor Photography
Mallard Touchdown
Cleared For Takeoff - Ian McGregor Photography
Cleared For Takeoff

For me, so far most of my photography has been in the Province of Saskatchewan, here in Canada – and I haven’t had to travel very far to capture some beautiful skies and extreme weather. I currently live in suburban Regina, and I am lucky enough to have a park nearby with a small body of water in it. I just want to show that even at this park which is merely a few hundred meters from my doorstep, some interesting photography can still be found.

Canada Goose - Ian McGregor Photography
Canada Goose

Lakeridge Park is a suberb on the north side of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. See more of my work in my gallery.

I haven’t had to travel very far to capture some beautiful skies

This Little Dream - Ian McGregor Photography
This Little Dream
Lakeridge Park - Ian McGregor Photography
Lakeridge Park

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