Corner Gas, Saskatchewan

by Ian McGregor

Corner Gas was a Canadian Television Series which ran from 2004 to 2009 with a feature film which followed a few years later.

Corner Gas - Ian McGregor Photography
Corner Gas, Rouleau Saskatchewan

The outdoor scenes in the show were filmed in Rouleau, Saskatchewan. The town's grain elevator was repainted to reflect the fictitious town name of Dog River and several locations around town were used as regular locations on the show.

Filmed in Saskatchewan

Corner Gas Set - Ian McGregor Photography
Corner Gas Set
Dawn At The Ruby Cafe - Ian McGregor Photography
Dawn At The Ruby Cafe

The most noticeable location was the gas station, which was built at the edge of town with the Dog River elevator in the background. Off to one side of the set was exterior view of The Ruby Café, the interior shots were filmed in a Regina studio.

Over the years, I have visited Rouleau and the Corner Gas set twice and managed to capture a few photographs before the set was finally torn down on 4th November 2016. I read that the reason was that the set was no longer safe for public use.

Dog River Hotel - Ian McGregor Photography
Dog River Hotel

Although it was not intended to be a tourist destination, the set and the town of Rouleau did attract its share of visitors and even sold souvenirs.

Corners Gas is still shown as re-runs and will always be in the memories of those who enjoyed it.

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Dog River Elevator - Ian McGregor Photography
Dog River Elevator

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