Condie Nature Refuge, Saskatchewan

by Ian McGregor

Located minutes from Regina, Saskatchewan this hidden gem has a lot to offer the photographer and anyone looking for a piece of nature to enjoy. Operated by the Province of Saskatchewan the park is open in the summer months only.

Condie Nature Refuge - Ian McGregor Photography
Corner Gas, Rouleau Saskatchewan

Condie has a good-sized lake at the center, surrounded by easily walkable trails (approximately 4 kilometres of them). There is plenty of parking as well as typical park facilities (barbeques, benches and shelter). There are basically two sides to the lake to park at and get started. There is also another, smaller parking spot along the road into the park which offers direct access to the trails over looking farmland.

Minutes from Regina

Condie Rising - Ian McGregor Photography
Condie Rising
Autumn Tree Tops - Ian McGregor Photography
Autumn Tree Tops

The park is right of Highway 11 and you can hear the traffic on a calm day, but its not distracting.

The park is home to all types of birdlife, as signified by the large metal duck sign which greets you at the entrance. I would recommend parking then heading up any of the trails toward the small line of trees. You are going to run into a good variety of birds.

Layers of Prairie - Ian McGregor Photography
Layers of Prairie

Over my dozens of visits to the park, I have rarely encountered more than a half dozen people, often being the only person in the park. The prairie dogs kept me company though!

I particularly like the late spring, with a bouquet of wildflower in bloom spreading out from the sides of the lake. Take a walk right through the sprawling grass and use it as a fantastic backdrop for portraits or landscapes, or just take in the natural display of colour.

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In The Prairie Grass - Ian McGregor Photography
In The Prairie Grass

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