Castle Butte, Saskatchewan

by Ian McGregor

Castle Butte is located in the Big Muddy Badlands of Southern Saskatchewan near the town of Bengough. Formed during the last ice age this "Castle" shaped outcrop stands at about 70 metres above the surrounding flat prairie.

Castle Butte Entrance - Ian McGregor Photography
Entrance Sign

This particular visit was during early April, and as you can see it is never to late for snow during spring in Saskatchewan. The rock is relatively easy to climb and provides a great view of the surrounding valley and farms, giving you the feeling that this province is not all flat.

... just over 2 hours from Regina

Castle Butte Rock Formation - Ian McGregor Photography
Rock Formation
Castle Butte Rock - Ian McGregor Photography

There is plenty of parking and the drive to the location took just over 2 hours from Regina. When I visited, Castle Butte was not marked on Google Maps - it is now, making it quite easy to find. Just make sure you don't miss the turn-off from highway 34 as there is no sign (at the time of writing).

There is a small cave, which I didn't go in on this visit - but I am told it stops after about a dozen feet or so.

Castle Butte Cave - Ian McGregor Photography
Cave Entrance

The rock face itself is spectacular - with fantastic layers and ridges carved out by erosion. I'd recommend not only climbing to the top, but walking around the base. You are going to see plenty of names carved into the rock from previous visitors.

While I plan on going back in the summer when there isn't any snow and the view is clearer - I think the snow added to the whole experience. I really felt I was somewhere rugged and wild.

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Castle Butte - Ian McGregor Photography
Castle Butte

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