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Condie Nature Refuge

Nature Near Regina

Located minutes from Regina, Saskatchewan this hidden gem has a lot to offer the photographer and anyone looking for a piece of nature to enjoy.

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Corner Gas

Filmed in Saskatchewan

Corner Gas was a Canadian Television Series which ran from 2004 to 2009 with a feature film which followed a few years later.

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Saskatchewan Trains and Tracks

Photographing The Railways of Saskatchewan

If you have travelled across the Canadian prairie by one of the main highways, you will have noticed the extra-long freight trains the flat land allows for. If you live in a Saskatchewan town (or city) then more than likely you have had your "Railway Ave" and remnants of an old grain elevator along it. The railway is the backbone of the prairies, carrying an enormous amount of materials in all seasons.

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Autumn in Saskatchewan

Autumn/Fall is a Favorite For Many Photographers

Autumn (or Fall if you prefer) is a favorite season for many people - and here in Saskatchewan where I live nature does not disappoint. I like to think of it as a happy send-off to the warmth before the bitter cold sets in - not that winter is any less beautiful here.

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Lakeridge Park

Local Photography

Many photographers travel to distant locations to capture popular landmarks, exotic wildlife or simply to photograph something they don’t get to see very often. For some, they are lucky enough to live in locations where these landmarks and animals are just down the road; but for most of us this is not the case.

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