Model Meets Landscape

by Ian McGregor

In the summer of 2016 I was approached by a Saskatchewan based modelling agency with the idea of putting their models into my landscapes. It was a concept I had been thinking about but wasn't sure how to go about getting the right people into my photos, nor did I understand the modelling industry. So along came Infinity Models Regina.

I wasn't even worried about having the models face visible

Our first shoots were in a local park and at the Wascana Valley Trails near Regina. Due to personal circumstances (health) I was not able to travel far - but as it turned out I really didn't need to! I had a couple of ideas in mind for the shoots, but also just wanted to "go with it" and see what we could come up with. My shoots were all at sunset (except for one) and I wanted to get both sunlight on the model's face, as well as silhouettes and backlit shots. These were not necessarily portraits, and in fact I wasn't even worried about having the models face visible - rather to have the beautiful figure of the model and her dress compliment the stunning Saskatchewan landscape in the dimming evening light.

Hayley L. of Canada - Ian McGregor Photography
Hayley L. - Infinity Management

The shoots ended up taking place in November, which would normally involve snow and freezing temperatures, but as good fortune would have it, this season was breaking temperature records . No snow and temperatures warm enough to allow the models to wear just a dress for up to an hour - we were in business!

Natasha K. - Ian McGregor Photography
Natasha K. - Infinity Management

The Wascana Trails give a nice backdrop, with a valley, tall grass and some rural elements around - like a barbed-wire fence and some grain bins. I could also have a vehicle within 100 meters of the shoot in case we got too cold or needed to change outfits.

Sunset Beauty - Ian McGregor Photography
Sunset Beauty - Natasha K. - Infinity Management

I am quite pleased with the results, and am looking forward to continuing to build upon the concept of connecting the model with nature in my photography.

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Beauty Under The Moon - Ian McGregor Photography
Beauty Under The Moon - Natasha K. - Infinity Management
Amber C. - Ian McGregor Photography
Amber C. - Infinity Management

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