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Born in Canada, I have lived and travelled in various places around the world. I spent my childhood and early adult life in Australia, enjoying the tropical sunshine and endless beaches. I started my career in Aviation both as a pilot and in Air Traffic Control; and later as a Flight Dispatcher. Aviation took me to the Middle East and ultimately back to Canada. I particularly enjoy flying light aircraft in remote locations.


I am a techie at heart and grew up around the pioneering days of personal computing, having an Apple ][ when they first hit the market. I have developed software, launched websites and built my own business. I am also an IT professional, having managed technical teams in various government entities. This website and all of my other domains are 100% built by me (mostly in a text editor) and often hosted on personally built and managed servers.


My passion for photography started in the days of film, with a family relative being an avid amateur photographer. I started to take photography more seriously with my first film SLR in the late 1990's and then becoming fully addicted to the "hobby" when going digital in the late 2000's. I am a lover of landscapes and people, which should be evident in my work. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy capturing and presenting it.

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